Farewell, Jimanze Ego-Alowes, aka “Wiseman From The East” (1957-2020) By Nduka Otiono

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An audacious and original thinker and public intellectual par excellence, Jimanze wished that his “humble missives” be given “more exposure than they can get in Nigeria.”

And Jimanze Ego-Alowes passed on before we could hatch his next-level proposal. A prolific author, he described himself on his Twitter handle as a “journalist, poet and writer with a passion for new knowledge and human development.” He was the founding Director of The Brace Institute, a Lagos-based think tank; and founder of a fledgling civil society advocacy group, Minority Rights Defense Initiative, MRDI; and Publisher of The Stone Press Ltd., with which he reissued his remarkable 2006 book, How Intellectuals Underdeveloped Nigeria and Other Essays, originally published by the University of Michigan Press. Prior to eventually dying from liver cancer at 63, fans and friends had begun to worry about his health condition which had slowed down his intellectual productivity.

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